Tangie 70% Sativa 

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California Orange X Skunk #1 

Tangie was created as early 1995.The effects of the Tangie are best described as clear-headed and uplifting. 30 minutes after medicating with this strain, I found myself to be much more creative and stress free. Further, it tends to give me a great deal of energy. In fact, I might liken the effects to the Green Crack strain, but with slightly more sedation in the body.. Consider this strain if you suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic stress, migraines, or a lack of appetite. It is particularly good option for those who medicate in the morning.With a name like Tangie, it is not surprising that this strain has a distinctive sweet, citrusy tangerine aroma. Tangie’s flavors are a similarly tropically sweet, citrus and orange mix, making this strain one of the best tasting out there.