Big Sur Holy Bud

g $10    1/8 $25    1/4 $40    1/2 $80    oz $150

Big Sur Holy Bud produces luscious and colorful buds known for their bright rainbow hues and sweet candy aroma. The flavor is sweet and spicy, with licorice and cinnamon standing out on the forefront. Hints of melon hit your nose and tongue for a well-balanced flavor. You can expect a delicate yet tingly high that’s long lasting and somewhat energetic. Since it is so mild, it is perfect for newer users or heavy coughers. Let your mood soar and your focus sharpen with Big Sur Holy Bud. Tackle a to-do list or simply make that long overdue phone call to a friend.Despite its name, this strain sells quite well in Oregon but is not easy to come by in its home state of California. 

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