GMO (Indoor)

g $20    1/8 $55    1/4 $90    1/2 $160    oz $280

90% Indica/ 10% Sativa

GMO Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by the masters at Divine Genetics. This strain is known for its petrolaroma characteristic of any Chemdawg descendant. This smell also has fruity and coffee tones. Meanwhile, the taste is earthy and sweet, like its GSC’s parent. Its soothing effects can be used to treat chronic pain, depression, insomnia, stress and appetite loss. GMO Cookies strain is recommended for evening and nighttime use. GMO Cookies cannabis strain gives a strong cerebral and body high. It starts with an euphoric boost that is uplifting but you remain relaxed. You are happy, euphoric and soon, very very hungry.

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