Consultations -Free phone consultation or $50 in home visit

price   $50

CONSULTATIONS: Mr. Nce Guy has individuals available who are extremely knowledgeable in Medical Cannabis.  If you are ever stuck or unsure whats is going to be the right product for you , Eric, the collective President can call you and advise you based on his experience.  If you feel that you would like an in home visit in which he can sit down and inform you, we will need to schedule that ahead of time and charge a small fee. $50 for a 30 minute consultation with no purchase necessary.

You can always get a free  consultation with Mr. Nice via phone.  Just ask and we will get him in touch with you.

$50 for a 30 minute in home consultation with no purchase necessary.

Disclaimer: Mr. Nice Guy does not share this information with the intent to diagnose, cure, or prescribe any treatments or illnesses. The information shared within a consultation is the personal and professional opinions of experienced cultivators and users who have observed marijuana use medicinally within many contexts. It is a transfer of experience and knowledge for the patient to use at their discretion.