PB & J 50/50

g $10    1/8 $35    1/4 $65    1/2 $120    oz $230

LA Confidential X Peanut Butter Kush

This strain has a rich nutty peanut butter aroma with a touch of spiciness to it. Enjoy the even head and body buzz any time with Peanut Butter Jelly.

PBJ is a perfect choice for a morning and a daytime smoke when you want to hang out outdoors with family or friends. The high brings an immediate uplift which is followed by a happy relaxation. It boosts energy and motivation without causing too much arousal. If overdosed, it might lead to a dizziness and fatigue. The high will make you ready to get up and move. You focus, yet, won’t be sharp enough to concentrate on something in particular. In medical terms, cannabis helps to cope with muscle spasms, hypertension, phantom limb pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

Typical effects: Energetic, Aroused, Uplifted, Talkative, Creative